elder careRemain active and independent now and through the years ahead 

As an older adult, you value your quality of life; you enjoy freedom from midlife responsibilities and have more time to learn, travel, and be with family and friends. However, other changes—such as physical decline, loss of a spouse or a new address—may have created challenges to your independence and way of life. But these challenges don’t have to limit your life or your lifestyle.

Healthy Futures can make sure you get things done, stay healthy and active, and continue to feel satisfied and happy.

A local business staffed by caring and competent professionals, Healthy Futures provides non-medical services to help ensure you remain active and independent:

  • Driver services, door-to-door for your convenience and safety
  • Personal training to improve your fitness, flexibility, balance and gait
  • Homemaker services including light housework to support your daily activities
  • Companionship for comfort and safety

Regain your life and independence—call Julie today